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Presently covering South Florida - other location to follow.

Coalition of Jamaican Alumni Associations of Florida

South Florida News June 29, 2013


The Coalition of  Jamaican Alumni Associations of Florida (CJAAF) Inc., a charitable organization, was founded in 2010 by Rupert Rhodd PhD and Sandra Schrouder PhD, as an umbrella organization for Jamaican  alumni associations in Florida.

It was created to assist in the dissemination  of information about Jamaican alumni associations registered in the State of  Florida and to help in the unification and streamlining of activities of these  associations..

CJAAF Inc. was  founded to keep the  Jamaican community in Florida informed about matters pertaining to Jamaican  alumni associations in Florida, and issues relating to the development of  education in Jamaica. It will serve as a central repository for information on Jamaican alumni  associations in Florida. Like the associations that fall under its  umbrella, CJAAF, Inc., is also dedicated to the improvement of educational  opportunities for students in Jamaica as well as those that have migrated to  the United States of America, and to the improvement of communities in Florida.

Aims & Objectives

  1. Jamaica LogoTo be involved in, support, and promote       community development in Florida and the United States.
  2. To provide financial and volunteer       assistance to students and educational institutions in Jamaica and       Florida, as well as students that have migrated to the United States of       America.
  3. To keep the Jamaican community in       Florida informed about matters pertaining to Jamaican alumni associations       registered in the State of Florida, and issues relating to the development       of education in Jamaica.
  4. To serve as a central repository for       information on Jamaican alumni associations in Florida.
  5. To help in the unification and       streamlining of activities of Jamaican Alumni Associations in Florida.
  6. To foster, through periodic seminars, social       and entertainment activities, a spirit of fellowship, and cooperation among       and between Jamaican alumni associations in the United States.
  7. To further, by directed studies, research       and publication, knowledge of Jamaican alumni associations, and to       promote through  seminars and general cooperation with other       organizations or individuals similarly interested, the philosophies,       attitudes and culture of Jamaica.

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Friends of Good Shepherd MoBay Inc

South Florida News June 29, 2013

Dk -ship backgroundFriends of Good Shepherd MoBay Inc.

Friends of Good Shepherd Mobay, Inc. raises much needed funds to financially support the various efforts of The Good Shepherd Foundation. All donations are tax deductible under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).

The Good Shepherd Foundation of Montego Bay is the brain child of Most Rev. Charles H. Dufour D.D., C.D., former Roman Catholic Bishop of Montego Bay and current Archbishop of Kingston Jamaica. It was founded in September 1996.

It was officially launched on February 20, 1997 by Governor General, Most Hon. Sir Howard Cooke, and was established in an effort to address the plight of Montego Bay’s neediest citizens, assisting them to become productive members of their communities.

Friends of Good Shepherd Mobay, Inc., headed by Marie Dufour-Buteau and Food For The Poor are the largest benefactors of the Foundation and have miraculously been able to sustain the spiraling operating expenses of the various facilities. Prominent attorney Jeanne P. Robinson-Foster is  the chairperson of the Good Shepherd Foundation in Montego Bay.

 FOGS is devoted to serving the poor and disadvantaged of Jamaica and beyond. We have contributed to Haiti’s Hurricane and Earthquake Relief Funds with financial aid, medical supplies and container loads of food. Assistance was also given to the disaster relief in Louisiana.

Each year, a raffle is drawn at the Annual Dinner/Dance held in the Spring. The proceeds of this raffle help fund the various projects under the Good Shepherd Foundation.

Our next Annual Fundraiser Dinner & Dance will be held April 26, 2014 and it marks our 18th anniversary. If you would like to be a sponsor or place an advertisement in our annual magazine, please call us at (954)441-9886. Thank you for all your support.

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