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Presently covering South Florida - other location to follow.

How to Post an Ad

Post an Ad, please follow the instructions below.

At the top of this page in the header, next to the Welcome Visitor are two options

  1. Register –
  2. Login –

Make a note of the password. ( if you forget it you can in the future request another one ). Please also try and remember your user name. The registration requires you to fill in a Captcha phrase to prevent spammers. If the Captcha phrase is not too clear click on the circular double arrows and it will prompt another pass phrase.

Now that you have registered and have your password you can now login.

Step 1. Select the category you feel your ad would be best classified under.

Step 2. Select from the drop down list any sub-category you want to be listed under.

Step 3. Click ” Go ”

Step 4. Complete form.

If there is a * beside the question you must enter information.

If you are not sure what to enter, click on the ? beside the response box and you will be given an explanation.

At the end of the form is a question about Meta tag. This is a required field, so if you don’t know what to enter just enter and x.

Below this is a tab Add Image. When you click on this tab it will give you the option to download up to three images into your ad.

THINGS TO CONSIDER  before posting an ad.

Decide what category will best suite your business , product, event or activity. If you need help in deciding what fit you best, please do not hesitate to call us for help.

Look to see if your posting falls within one of the FREE categories, such as obituaries, non-profits organization, announcements, and take advantage of our supports for these activities.

If you are selling a product that you feel will be sold in a short time, only buy what you need, however if you are looking long term advertising, please consider one of our affordable membership packages, to take advantage off some great savings.







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